Friday, May 2, 2008

50 Cent Changes his a Lil Wayne Fan

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kanye West and the Spinning Recording Studio

Spinning Studio from kwest on Vimeo.

Check out the cool new video of Kanye West in the spinning recording studio

Nas was dissing Jay on Jay's "Success" track!

It turns out as people have guessed, Nas was dissing Jay-Z on his own song. Read more about the interview here:

He also speaks on if he thinks he's the "best" rapper out, and how he feels that he can relate to Jay-Z's verse on "Success", so he feels that Jay-Z can relate to his verse as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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Monday, April 14, 2008

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is Lil Wayne trying to be the next 2Pac?

Many people I know either love or hate 2Pac. He is a very polarizing figure because of his opinions and personality, so of course people will take sides on the topics of controversy he brought up. Many see 2Pac as a great person, speaking for the underprivledged who had no voice of their own. Others see Pac as a bad guy who glorified thug life and violence for the black community. Some people also point out the fact that he was a studio gangster, and a backup dancer to the Digital Underground before he became Mr. Thug Life at Death Row Records.

However, 2Pac became VERY controversial after his first shooting and after his affiliation grew with Death Row. Prior to this, he never claimed any gang sets or anything, but he was starting to affiliate himself with Suge Knight and bloods. This put his life in danger and when he started living like a real G, he got killed for it.

Lil Wayne is starting to do the same thing; he is affiliating himself with bloods and is living more dangerously than before. The difference is with Wayne, his music doesn't touch people the same way 2Pac's did. 2Pac always had a message for you, like each verse was written like a poem, where Wayne's songs can sometimes have a message, but are held together by his one liners, punchlines, and quotables.

Wayne continues his 2Pac emulation by doing an insane amount of music. Before 2Pac's death, he was in the studio nonstop to make material and get out of his contract with Death Row so he could go indie. Lil Wayne makes a huge amount of material to make himself hot on mixtapes, something that wasn't as prevalent in 2Pac's time.

Many people these days make comparisons to Wayne and his addictions to drugs, saying that he may die soon if he continues on this self destructive path. Tupac Shakur was killed involuntarily, where Wayne might be killing himself slowly. However, the way people may twist it, they may make Wayne out to be a martyr the same way 2Pac was.

Obviously Lil Wayne wasn't as outspoken and controversial as 2Pac about the ghetto and civil rights, but in terms of music, Lil Wayne is the hottest right now. Hopefully Lil Wayne will turn his drug problem around and be able to live a long productive life. It's not worth putting your own life in danger to emulate a legend who is dead and can't even enjoy the status they achieved.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This video is from Reuters and talks about Jay-Z's new record deal with LiveNation that is reported to be $150 million. Jay-Z definitely won on this deal because no other label could offer this much. However, it's a risk and a big one for LiveNation, who along with Jay, is experimenting with a new model to earn money through music. Seeing that record sales are doing bad and iTunes is the biggest seller of music, people question whether LiveNation's approach with Jay-Z is the right way to do it. They say maybe things should go digital, while LiveNation does more with live shows and merchandise.


JD claims that his goal is to promote artists "10 times more" than other labels without having artists have a required set of record sales to get promoted. This has apparently NEVER been done in the music industry and he's working with Tag body spray to do this.

There will be album releases and tours along with Tag body spray commercials with the music featuring this artist.

This isn't just Jermaine Dupri and Tag, but Island Def Jam is involved as well. He claims that Def Jam is the "best record label in the world".

Cashis and the New West Movement

You may or may not have heard about him....but Cashis is one of Shady Records' newest talents that has yet to be unleashed on the hip hop industry. He is a very talented rapper who claims The O.C. but has some claims of being from Chicago as well.

Cashis has recently been working on various mixtape material, if you want to check it out go to and do a search for Cashis. He's a pretty good lyricist and obviously Eminem sees something in him to invest time and a record contract into Cashis.

Cashis has been on the mixtape grind as of late and has been doing collaborations with various artists like G Unit, 50 Cent, Hot Rod, Dirty Blacc, Nate Dogg, Mistah Fab, and more. He's currently doing smaller time shows in various parts of the country for his Bogish Boy tours.

According to Cashis, he has worked on many songs with Eminem for his upcoming album and has also worked on songs for Eminem's new album. This is exciting to see, because the only commercial release with Cashis to date is "You Don't Know" from the Re-Up compilation album (featured Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Cashis).

He is part of what he calls the "New West Movement" and his goal is to bring the West Coast back to the mainstream popularity that it once held when 2Pac was "king of the west". People who feel the same way and are trying hard to bring the West Coast back are The Game, Bishop Lamont, and a huge group of west coast artists.

With a bright future ahead of him, Cashis needs to take advantage of the Shady Records connection to build himself up into a million dollar asset for Shady Records and really bring the West Coast back.

Will Detox ever come out?

The creator of The Chronic and 2001, Dr. Dre, has been having us on hold for the past several YEARS as we wait for his upcoming album Detox. With the popular concensus that both The Chronic and 2001 are HIP HOP CLASSICS, it's gonna be a difficult task for Dr. Dre to match, if not surpass the quality and popularity of his first 2 albums (not including Aftermath compilation here).

Let's face it. Dre has set the bar extremely high, and he's had a lot of his Aftermath roster come and go in the time he's been working on this album. He's even had time to go from a chubby producer to a buff dude on the MTV awards. He's got all the time in the world to do these things which take a lot of time, but he's still not done with Detox.

This really makes you wonder if he's even going to drop the CD at all. If we never got the album, I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time, if Dre releases it and it isn't up to standard...Dre basically lost. If he was to quit today, his last album was 2001 and he ended on a good note. If Detox is worse than 2001, then he ended on a bad note.

Hopefully this classic in the making will come out soon. Even Snoop Dogg is pissed and wants it to come out. Hurry up Dre!!